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 Tutorial izrade drveca

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PostSubject: Tutorial izrade drveca   Tutorial izrade drveca EmptyWed Sep 19, 2012 11:09 pm

U originalu sam ovo pisao za Infinity forum pa je na engleskom, a stvarno mi se ne prevodi na hrvatski pa vald ne smeta nikom.
Valjda ima dovoljno slika da sve bude jasno. Wink

~ The Great Tree Tutorial! ~
... (part one - the tree trunk) ...

Trees I'm making are really simple. Items you need for this part:
- steel wire (I used 0.6 mm // 22 awg)
- fimo air light or equivalent air drying clay (a small handful)
- styrofoam/styrodur base (mine was 7 mm thick)
- water sprinkler to keep the clay wet
- hobby knife
- a pair of pliers to save your fingers
- cutting/work surface to avoid the mess
and some of your time (half an hour estimate).

So, for this type of tree I took a 0.6mm steel wire (22 awg), some 3.5m of it (just under 4 yards). Then I folded it in half, cut it. Folded those in half, cut them. If you do this procedure 4 times in total you will end up with 16 pieces of equal length (mine were ~23 cm // 9" long).
Thicker wire will be a pain to twist, and is unnecessary as this holds well enough. Thinner wire may require more strands and then you will need much more time and patience for marginally better results. You might try anything between 0.5-0.8mm, (or 20-24 awg), just don't go thicker or thinner than that.
You should end up with this:
Tutorial izrade drveca Picture 90

I bundled them up together in middle and twisted towards one side. On this side I split the ends into four thick strands that are to become roots, like this:
Tutorial izrade drveca Picture 91
Intertwine them a little between strands just after splitting them (by taking one wire from each of the nearby strands and switching their places as if you were braiding). This improves structural strength.
Finish them by twisting towards end and every now and then splitting a wire or two off the main strands. Be creative:
Tutorial izrade drveca Picture 93

You will need a pair of pliers to twist the tree trunk as this many wires bundled up are really resilient:
Tutorial izrade drveca Picture 92

At this point you should make sure that you made the roots well and that the tree can stand on its own. If not, bend the roots so they end up holding the tree in a vertical position when you let it stand on its own, like so:
Tutorial izrade drveca Picture 94

Then I went to work on the upper part of tree, separating a few strands at a time and twisting them into bigger branches, then separating and twisting into smaller and smaller branches. Let imagination go wild here. For reference purpose, I split the main tree trunk about 3" up from the roots:
Tutorial izrade drveca Picture 96

You should end up with a steel wire frame for the tree. Do this right and it will look like a modern sculpture and can be used like that as a nice tree for a necron world or something similar ^^
Here is my final tree skeleton next to a ruler, it's a little smaller than the final size tree will be:
Tutorial izrade drveca Picture 97

The wire skeleton took a short time to do. It was under 10 minutes with cutting and everything.
One important advice is to once again make sure that the tree is stable as is and can stand on its own without tipping over. It will make your life easier if you follow this advice, trust me on that.

The final step is to bend the ends of roots downwards so they become pins that will go into the base for the tree. Just twist the last 5-6mm of each individual wire in that direction:
Tutorial izrade drveca Picture 101

I moved too much while taking this photo so it's blurry but it should give you a picture of what the roots should look like in the end:
Tutorial izrade drveca Picture 102

~~~ ~~~

Next step was done with aero-clay. I used Fimo Light Air, one package was half a kilo for ~15$ and it just keeps on lasting through all my pet projects. It's a type of clay that dries in air in a day or so, and is very light and easy to work with. Get your water sprinkler, you will need it for this step (the shown bottle is just water):
Tutorial izrade drveca Picture 98

You see this? This is how much clay you will need for the whole tree:
Tutorial izrade drveca Picture 99

First step when working with clay - spray your work surface with water, and get your fingers wet. Trust me on both or you will find yourself in a sticky situation real soon:
Tutorial izrade drveca Picture 100

I covered the tree trunk with clay first as it's the biggest piece and easiest to work with (and hardest to reach properly as you keep on adding more clay to the wire frame):
Tutorial izrade drveca Picture 103

Then I started adding clay to the thickest branches. Just take a piece and press it on the wire, then work with your fingers until it wraps completely around the wire. It need not be thick, just so it covers the wire nicely:
Tutorial izrade drveca Picture 104

Finish the roots first before you go to the smallest branches on the top, otherwise you will inadvertently keep on ruining what you did with those fragile top branches. Add some details like cut stumps or such if you want. Just make sure you cover the joints well and that the clay gets in between the wires when you work it. After ten to twenty minutes you should end up with this:
Tutorial izrade drveca Picture 105

Check the tree again for wires showing through or cracks in joints and add some more clay there. You can work it for the first half an hour or so, after that the smallest bits will start drying too much.
Now cut out the base from styro and bevel the edges:
Tutorial izrade drveca Picture 107

Take the tree and push it into the styro so it looks nice. Check again for any cracks that might have happened from handling the still drying tree. If any of the roots aren't perfectly aligned with the base, don't worry. It will look more natural in the end. Besides, you can correct everything with sand and glue (in part two).
Here is how tall the tree is:
Tutorial izrade drveca Picture 108

Let it dry for a day.
Understand? No more touching the frame or the clay at this stage.
Just let it dry in an out-of-reach place before you try anything else with it. You can look at it though:
Tutorial izrade drveca Picture 109

Tutorial izrade drveca Picture 110

More coming in part two - the base; when my own tree finished drying that is. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Tutorial izrade drveca   Tutorial izrade drveca EmptyThu Sep 20, 2012 7:14 am

Mislim...sta reći...

Covjek od tebe, Vorheart, moze ocekivat samo odlicne tutoriale i jos bolje krajnje proizvode. Keem 'em coming!

I often find that regardless of whether I win or not, as long as the company is great and interesting things happen no one really loses in a game of Warhammer.
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PostSubject: Re: Tutorial izrade drveca   Tutorial izrade drveca EmptyFri Sep 21, 2012 8:56 pm

Koji cliffhanger!

No ozbiljno, jedva čekam drugi dio tutorijala Very Happy

Konačno radim prvu... 262km od kuće Neutral
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Tutorial izrade drveca
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